Kaos GL Statement of Education Policies

Source: Kaos GL, “LGBT Öğrencilere Yönelik Heteroseksüel Sosyalizasyon Politikalarından Vazgeçilsin,” (“The Heterosexual Socialization Policies aimed at LGBT Students must be Abandoned!”), 17 September 2013, http://kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=9648

The Kaos GL Association released a statement about the new academic year explaining LGBT students’ problems and demanding the recognition of the “LGBT student reality.”

Kaos GL demands the abandonment of the heterosexual socialization policies aimed at LGBT students and declares that the first collective statement about the new academic year points to the fact that the problems in education persist. The statement indicates that the heterosexual socialization LGBT students are subjected to is the most important issue.

“Compulsory schooling becomes compulsory heterosexuality for LGBT students!”

Kaos GL argues, “compulsory schooling becomes compulsory heterosexuality” in the current education system and states, “opportunities and possibilities to develop their own personalities are not given to LGBT students. As a result of that, LGBT students cannot achieve a healthy integration into society because of the mental, social and cultural problems they experience during their formal education.”

Kaos GL points out that LGBT students are exposed to the commonly acknowledged problems heterosexual students experience in a more extreme way within a mental and physical siege. Kaos GL listed the problems and demands of LGBT students like this:

“We demand the recognition of the LGBT student reality!”

Recognition of the LGBT student reality and the policies drafted through this recognition will bring a peaceful and progressive solution to the education system. Thus, LGBT students will be able to realize and express themselves without being exposed to discrimination and violence.

When the sentencing of LGBT students to invisibility as in the current education process is lifted, teachers, parents, educators, psychologists, unions, LGBT associations and all within the education system will be able to follow the application of peaceful education policies and take responsibility.

“LGBT teacher are silent to heterosexual socialization because of fear of unemployment!”

Within the current system, LGBT students await a difficult socialization process to adapt to the heterosexist system under the guidance of teachers who were raised in an education system that takes the invisibility of the other as its fundamental principle. LGBT teachers who passed through the same process are silent to this situation because of the fear of losing their jobs or being ostracized.

“Secondary education is LGBT students’ nightmare!”

Middle school and high school are LGBT students’ nightmares. New problems for LGBT students arise when they realize their difference despite the pressures and guidance of the heterosexual socialization process and recognize their inability to fit into heterosexual norms.

Heterosexual students, who recognize the difference of LGBT students and who feel the need to prove themselves do not limit themselves to mocking LGBT students but also assault them physically.

Assault and beating can be added to mockery and ostracism because the students know that the administration and counseling will place the “problem” on LGBT students’ sexual orientation and gender identity. If LGBT students do not give up their identity, they can even be suspended.

“The success of heterosexual socialization is only delaying conflict!”

Under these circumstances most LGBT students are being forced to enter a process of complete suppression without even having a moment to bring their orientation into their consciousness. If they adapt to the majority and act as heterosexuals, a lifetime of hell will be their reward. When an LGBT student perceives his/her situation as a mistake or a disease, heterosexual socialization is successful!

However, this success, in all likelihood, will be an imaginary one. An LGBT student can be “heterosexual” as much as a Kurdish child can be “Turkish” by teaching him/her Turkish.

“Mandatory heterosexuality policies aim at the assimilation of LGBT students!”

Mandatory heterosexuality policies present heterosexual relations as the one and only natural relation and make it unconditional. Textbooks define only this type of relation. Educators propagandize this type of relation. They look straight into the eyes of LGBT students and explain their situation as a disease or mental problem. LGBT students remain quiet and confirm the assimilation attacks on their bodies and souls.

“We do not want the right to lose our self confidence and hate ourselves!”

As Kaos GL we reject the education policies that force LGBT students to give up their personalities, dignities and souls!

We do not want the right to lose our self-confidence and hate ourselves; we want equality!

We want LGBT students to have the right to define and express themselves and we demand the creation of financial resources to allow this.

“We want textbooks to be purified of homophobia!”

We want sexual orientation and gender identity to be defined in textbooks and demand that textbooks be purified from sexist, homophobic/transphobic discriminatory expressions! We want LGBT students to have a voice and right to speak on social matters!

We demand that LGBT students be given the choice to not participate in Physical Education classes that humiliate femininity and homosexuality and that force people to compete.

“We want counseling services to not reveal LGBT students!”

We want school administrations and counseling services to not disclose LGBT students’ identities! We want LGBT students to decide when, how and to whom they will come out to in their families or schools!

We demand the opening of paths for counselors and LGBT associations to work together.

“We want investigations and punishments to be terminated!”

We want an end to insults and the mockery of homosexuality in classrooms. We demand that LGBT students who use self-defense to protect themselves against the verbal and physical attacks not be punished!

We demand apologies for the teachers who were discharged, exiled or laid off from their jobs and the students who were suspended from their schools because of the accusation of being LGBT. We demand that they be paid compensation and be recalled!

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