Adana Pride March Committee: We are in Adana, we are not leaving, deal with it!

The Adana Pride March Committee held a press release regarding the ban on the march by the governorship: “… With the ban, freedom of expression and assembly, along with the rights to meet, demonstrate, and march, have been violated…”

Source: “Adana Pride March Committee: We are in Adana, we are not leaving, deal with it” , (“Adana Onur Yürüyüşü Komitesi: Adana’dayız, alışın gitmiyoruz!”) ,,July 7, 2018,

The Adana Pride March Committee held a press release today [7th of July] regarding the ban of the governorship in the Adana Humans Rights Association.

On behalf of the committee, Mehmet Bayram read the press statement from Adana LGBTI + Solidarity. Bayram stated that with the ban on what was to be the first ever Adana Pride March, the Adana Governorship violated freedom of expression and assembly, and rights of meeting, demonstration and march, and added:

“We are a part of society”

“…These rights are among the most fundamental values of a democratic and pluralistic society. In particular, these rights are guaranteed both nationally and internationally. The purpose of securing these rights is to provide concrete and effective protection for all them…”

Bayram said: “We as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, and intersex individuals’ (LGBTI’s) are a part of life and a part of this society. We have pride and we are in Adana. We are not leaving, deal with it!” with a reminder that with the increase of arbitrary mistreatment and pressure on LGBTİs in Adana, the Adana Pride March Committee was established by both the Adana LGBTI+ Solidarity and the Adana Human Rights Association.

Finalization of the ban

Bayram said that the committee was established to end the violations against the rights of LGBTIs in Adana and to protest the prohibition of the activities of LGBTI organizations in Ankara and Istanbul and the obstruction of the 26th Istanbul Honor Walk and added:

“…The Adana Pride March was planned to take place on July 7, 2018 as a walk from Abidin Dino Park to Ataturk Park, and a press release followed by a #aloneagainstprohibitions” forum in Atatürk Park.

The Adana Governorship was informed on 04.07.2018 of the planned Adana Pride March by Adana LGBTI+ Solidarity. The decision of the Governorship of Adana was as follows: ‘… In the letters of the Provincial Security Directorate dated 05.07.2018 and numbered 4512; This event to be held in an open area will cause people to be openly and imminently marginalized against other sectors based on different characteristics in terms of social class, race, religious sect or region, and thus holds apparent and imminent danger in terms of public security. It is reported that the activity to be carried out will not be suitable because it may cause a reaction by some sections due to certain social sensitivities towards the groups and individuals that will participate in the event and it may cause provocations…’”

“The non-discrimination act has been violated”

Bayram said that the reason for the decision of the ban given by the governor is entirely abstract, general, hypothetical and based on stereotypical expressions. ”The Governor’s Office’s statement regarding the content of the event we wanted to hold as to allegedly induce a part of society with hatred and enmity is nothing but an expression of the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic mindset that LGBTIs have been struggling with for many years and this violation of discrimination law, which is almost guaranteed by all legal systems on earth, is a very concrete manifestation.”

Bayram continued his statement saying “…The possibility that a part of the society can be provoked by hatred and hostility can not be legitimized and it can not be used to justify the sacrifice of the rights of another…” Bayram also added: “… The duty of the State is not to make bans which are disruptive in nature but rather with positive enforcement it should be possible to prevent the aforementioned tensions and allow room to take alternative measures…”

Akit Daily was targeting the march

With a reminder that Akit Daily had targeted the Adana Pride March, Bayram stated: “…We loudly say that the Adana Governorship’s ban on the Adana Pride March, which would have been held for the first time in Adana, Akit Daily’s hate speech, and these constitutional obstacles are political and we will never give up our struggle regarding our existence…”

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