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After İsa: Azerbaijan and the LGBT Movement

Source: Orhun Gündüz, “İsa’dan Sonra: Azerbaycan ve LGBT Hareketi,” (“After İsa: Azerbaijan and the LGBT Movement,”) hü, 03 February 2014,

“I am going. This country, this world is not for me… I am going to become happy… Tell mom that I love her so much. You are all responsible for my death. This world is not strong enough to bear my colors. Farewell.”

These were the last words of İsa Şahmarlı, president of the “Azad LGBT” organization and LGBT activist. He committed suicide by hanging himself with a rainbow flag, at the age of 20… He had an innocent wish: “I hope that I will one day see LGBT flags in the Baku sky. What I really want to see is a gay couple walking freely in Baku.”