Homosexuals Won, TRT Lost Again!

Source: Halil Kandok, “Eşcinseller kazandı, TRT gene kaybetti!” (“Homosexuals Won, TRT Lost Again!,” ), Radikal Blog, 11 May 2014, http://blog.radikal.com.tr/Sayfa/escinseller-kazandi-trt-gene-kaybetti-59346

The Eurovision contest took place, again without TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) this year, and the Europeans did not miss TRT at all. The same enthusiasm and thrill were present. For several years some countries like Italy and Austria boycotted the contest and refrained from participating. Did we miss them then? No. Why would they miss us? TRT may continue to present the point system as an excuse to boycott the contest and pretend like it sits at the center of the world when in fact everyone is off having fun.

Actually, TRT is probably glad that they were not a part of Eurovision this year. Because this year would have been devastating for them. They would not have been able to tolerate a trans woman with a beard. Given that even our homosexuals and transsexuals have trouble coping with this sight, which contradicts gender perceptions, TRT would not have been able to indulge this at all, being the sexist institution that it is. As far as I know, they did not even air the show. As they declared last year, it seems that they were unwilling to spend money on a show that brings no ratings!

The winner of this year’s Eurovision is not just Austria’s contestant Conchita Wurst. Homosexuality and transsexuality are also winners. Conchita ranked at the top from beginning to end, receiving 10 or 12 points from nearly all of the participating countries. This shows that Europe no longer has a problem with homosexuality or transsexuality. Obviously, LGBTI communities would have voted for Conchita as well. This shows that LGBTI communities have been able to organize together.

It was worth seeing the emotionality, the tears of joy and Conchita’s inability to speak through her tears as she kept getting 12 points from various countries. She was so gentle, so genuine, so soft, so humane and so full of love…There are some people who reject the homosexual world, who are opposed to homosexuality and who refuse to see the humanity within us. I wonder if that is because our humanity is too much for the heterosexist world.

Some homophobic participants protested against Austria and let out all of their hatred because of its homosexual representative. And what have they won, in return? I wonder if they felt any shame when they saw that Conchita too is a human. I wish you could, I wish they could touch our humanity. Eurovision may be a contest for countries where cultures present themselves. But this year, the true owners of Eurovision, homosexuals and transsexuals, persevered in the contest and affirmed their presence for all of Europe to see. In other words, the home team won the championship.

They say that Eurovision is a “gay show.” So what? Are gays not humans? In fact, it’s not just Eurovision, the whole world is a gay world. Don’t be so scared. Gays have existed since eternity and they are not cannibals. If you’re so scared that they might rule the world, well, we have always been here. If we can challenge heterosexism, I guarantee that this world would be more accommodating for heterosexuals as well. No harm would come from softness, from humanity, non-violence and non-hatred. Or, do we not desire a peaceful world? Conchita Wurst’s acceptance speech meant so much in the face of heterosexism: “I dedicate this night to everyone who believes that there will be peace and freedom in the future. We are one and we cannot be stopped.”

TRT is likely unaware that they lose every year by not participating in the contest. Europe does not wish to include a Turkey that bans social media. But TRT continues to perceive itself as a blessing and to demand specific rules to suit their own standards. So what is it? Is everyone wrong but TRT and those who think like TRT?

TRT will only participate in the contest when the conservative government leaves office. Only the truth will survive, all else are lies. TRT will participate in Eurovision and it will participate with a homosexual singer. Those busybodies will only be remembered with their moralisms, their bans and excuses. Ever since my childhood, I have no recollection of being so isolated from the world. These days too shall pass. Those who rebelled during the days of revolution, I wonder if they miss those days now. Because I don’t remember there to be this much moralism when I was a child. There were prohibitions but there was also secularism. And now we are in the process of losing that too, step by step.

*For more on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Radio_and_Television_Corporation

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