In the North of Cyprus: Neither my fight, nor my life is over!

The 17th of May Organization Committee painted rainbows over Northern Cyprus

Source: “In the North of Cyprus: Neither my fight, nor my life is over!” (“Kıbrıs’ın kuzeyinde: Ne kavgam bitti, ne sevdam!”), KaosGL, May 16,2018,

For 3 years the committee of the 17th of May Organization has gathered on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia and colored the streets of North Cyprus with rainbows.

In 2016, the committee answered those who said “the community is not ready” with “We are ready”; in the previous year, they gathered together saying “Yet once more!”.

The committee consists of Accept-LGBT Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea Europe Art NGO (EMAA), Road to Freedom, Baraka Cultural Centre, CTP youth Organization, East and Southeast Cultural NGO, DAU-Unicorn, People’s Party-TCEK, Women’s Education Collective (KEK), Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural NGO of Cyprus, Cypriot Turk Human Rights Foundation, Cyprus Queer NGO, Initiative of Girne, Magusa Youth Centre (MAGEM), Socialist Democratic Party, New Internationalist Left (NEDA) and YKP-Fem Organization. This year, they took to the streets with this slogan: “Neither my fight, nor my life is over”.

The LGBTI+s and independent activists’ march in Lefkosa started from the front of the Dereboyu Suitex and ended in Uray street.

After the march, the committee made a statement in which they asked for punishments to discourage homophobic, transphobic, and other discriminatory behaviors saying, “We support the need for radical changes which accept diversity in family, health, labor and education policies; reminding that laws can only be efficient if they resonate with the society.”


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