We have lost LGBTI Activists Boysan Yakar and Zeliş Deniz

Boysan Yakar, LGBTI activist and advisor to Şişli Mayor, Zeliş Deniz, feminist LGBTI activist, and Mert Serçe have passed away in a highway car crash. Source: BK, “LGBTİ Aktivistleri Boysan Yakar ve Zeliş Deniz’i Kaybettik,” (“We have lost LGBTI activists Boysan Yakar and Zeliş Deniz”), BiaNet, 6 September 2015, http://bianet.org/bianet/lgbti/167397-lgbti-aktivistleri-boysan-yakar-ve-zelis-deniz-i-kaybettik The crash occurred on the […]

Turkey’s LGBTI Movement Loses Two of Its Dear Activists: Rest in Peace Boysan Yakar and Zeliş Deniz

LGBTI activists Boysan Yakar and Zeliş Deniz lost their lives in a traffic accident in Çanakkale, in western Turkey.  Source: Kaos GL, “Boysan Yakar ve Zeliş Deniz’i kaybettik”, (“We have lost Boysan Yakar and Zeliş Deniz”), kaosGL.org, 6 September 2015, http://kaosgl.org/anasayfa.php 5 people lost their lives and 1 critically wounded in a 3-car-collision in Çanakkale province’s Gelibolu […]

Sema Yakar Will Serve As Advisor to Şişli’s New Equality Unit

At the inauguration of Şişli’s Social Equality Unit, Şişli Mayor Hayri İnönü noted that the Unit will focus on gender issues and Sema Yakar will serve as a volunteer advisor. Source: Yıldız Tar, “Şişli Eşitlik Birimi’ne Sema Yakar Danışmanlık Yapacak”, (“Sema Yakar Will Serve As Advisor to Şişli’s New Equality Unit”), kaosgl.org, 23 October 2015, […]

LGBTI Activist Boysan’s Mother Follows Son’s Footsteps in the US

Source: “Annesi ABD’de, Boysan’ın İzinde”, (““His mother following in Boysan’s footsteps in the US”), GZone, 21 October 2015, http://gzone.com.tr/abdde-boysan-yakarin-izinde/ Sema Yakar, one of the founders of LISTAG (Families of LGBTs in Istanbul) and mother of LGBTI activist Boysan Yakar who died in a tragic traffic accident in early September, stated in an October 2015 interview […]

Boysan’s dream comes true: Equality Unit in Şişli Municipality!

The launch of the Şişli Municipality Social Equality Unit will take place on October 22. Boysan Yakar will be commemorated that night. Source: Yıldız Tar, “Boysan’ın hayali gerçek oldu: Şişli’de Eşitlik Birimi!”, (“Boysan’s dream comes true: Equality Unit in Şişli Municipality!”), kaosGL.org, 20 October 2015, http://kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=20380 Şişli Municipality has established a Social Equality Unit. The […]

Ankara memorial for Boysan, Zeliş, and Mert on 12 September

A dinner will be held at Kaos GL Association in memory of our Boysan, Zeliş, and Mert who we lost in a traffic accident, on Saturday, 12 September at 18:00. Source: “Boysan, Zeliş ve Mert Ankara’da anılacak”, “Memorial for Boysan, Zeliş, and Mert in Ankara”, kaosGL.org, 10 September 2015, http://kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=20154 A dinner will be held […]

Istanbul Memorial for Boysan, Zeliş, and Mert on 13-14 September

An Istanbul memorial for Boysan Yakar, Mert Serçe and Zeliş Deniz will be held on 13-14 September. Source: “Boysan, Zeliş ve Mert için İstanbul’da anma”, “Memorial for Boysan, Zeliş, and Mert in Istanbul”, KaosGL.org, 10 September 2015, http://kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=20153 An Istanbul memorial will be held for our Boysan Yakar, Mert Serçe, and Zeliş Deniz who we […]

LGBTI organizations condemn Yakar’s beating in the Şişli Municipality

Source: “LGBTİ örgütleri, Yakar’ın Şişli Belediyesi’nde darp edilmesini kınadı” (“LGBTI organizations condemn Yakar’s beating in the Şişli Municipality”) Pembe Hayat, 22 December 2014, http://pembehayat.org/haberler.php?id=620#.VJgM4RZEraw.twitter Led by Istanbul LGBTI, LGBTI organizations have condemned the beating of Boysan Yakar, a consultant to the Mayor of the Şişli Municipality and an LGBTI activist, at the Municipal Building, by […]

Trans Guest* House, a social awareness project

  Trans Guest* House project will be launched on June 18-22, 2019 with a photography exhibition, stories and memories of the trans women and men’s lives, with the aim to increase awareness. The project is directed by Kübra Uzun and has three components: A photo book titled “Guest*House”, a video titled “Once Upon A Time” […]

LGBTI+ Community of Turkey Marks Transgender Remembrance Day 2018

The LGBTI+ community of Turkey once again showed solidarity, endurance and strength in gatherings to mark November 20 Transgender Remembrance Day. LGBTI+ activists and allies from Diyarbakır, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and İstanbul organized meetings and press statements to stand against transphobic violence. The events will continue to take place throughout the week. Activists from Keskesor […]

Intersex Anatolia meets families in Istanbul

Intersex Anatolia met with families in Boysan’s house to share the problems intersex children face. Source: Kaos GL, “İnterseks Anatolya, İstanbul’da ailelerle buluştu,” kaosGL.org, 24 February 2017, http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=23145 The newly founded LADEG+ (LGBTI+ Families and Relatives Support Group) hosted its first event with intersex activities. Intersex Anatolia met witt LADEG+ at Boysan’s House on Feb. […]

Genetically Modified Tomato Awards Presented: 140Journos, Istanbul University…

12th Genetically Modified Tomato Awards were  distributed at the ceremony on Thursday. Boysan Yakar, Zeliş Deniz and Mert Serçe, the activists who lost their lives last year, were also commemorated in the ceremony. Source: “Hormonlu Domatesler Sahiplerini Buldu: 140Journos, İstanbul Üniversitesi…”, BİA Haber Merkezi, June 24, 2016, http://bianet.org/bianet/lgbti/176181-hormonlu-domatesler-sahiplerini-buldu-140journos-istanbul-universitesi 12th Genetically Modified Tomato Awards found their new […]

Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Committee Files Criminal Complaint Against Hate Speech Groups and Applies to Overturn Governor’s Ban on Pride March

Dear Members of the Press, On June 20, at Çağlayan Courthouse at 11:00, we filed a criminal complaint against groups such as Muslim Anatolian Youth, Alperen Hearths Foundation, Tembihname, Özgür-Der, and the Greater Union Party (BBP) for their hate speech and threatening statements that targeted us. Since we do not have a legal personality as the […]

24th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week Starts We are together, we are united, we are strong!

  24th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week will take place between June 20-26, 2016 with the theme “We unite!” and many activities such as panels, workshops, and forums will be organized. Signatures are collected for a petition that asks for the Pride March to take place in safety, as last year’s march was subjected to police […]

# BeşiKuirBirYerde 5th Pink Life QueerFest

Jan. 14-21 – Ankara Jan. 22-24 – Istanbul Organized by Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association, Pink Life QueerFest is celebrating its 5th year in 2016. This year’s venues for QueerFest are Büyülü Fener Cinema, Contemporary Arts Center of Çankaya Municipality, and Torun in Ankara and French Institut, Pera Museum, and Goethe Institute hosted by Başka […]