Ak Parti İzmir

Black Pink Triangle Izmir Association Meets Justice and Development Party Representatives

Source: Eda Ebru Naneci, “AK Parti’den eşcinsel açılımı”, (“LGBT Initiative of the AK Party”), egemeclisi.com, 21 January 2015 , http://egemeclisi.com//politika/55300/ak_parti_den_escinsel_acilimi

Siyah Pembe Üçgen (Black Pink Triangle) Izmir Association, a homosexual organization, visited AK Party (Justice and Development Party) Public Relations Vice President Lütfi Tuna in his offices at the Ak Party Izmir Provincial Department.

As a part of their visits and meetings with non-governmental organizations, associations and political parties, the Black Pink Triangle Izmir Association of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies and Solidarity Against Discrimination organised a meeting with Vice President of Public Relations of the Ak Party in Izmir. Meeting the members of LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex) association Black Pink Triangle in AK Party Izmir Provincial Department, Tuna said, “They took this step and we are glad. We welcomed them in our party.”

Our door is wide open

Tuna, saying that they talked in a casual manner during their visit: “If our party’s executive council takes decisions and plans projects, we will announce them in the following periods. They did not have any demands from our party. We just got to know each other. These are important activities. Our party welcomes all sections of society. Our doors are wide open to all people.”

We listened to them and took the necessary notes…

Tuna emphasized that they talked about problems experienced by many sections of society and added that the state and the nation have the power to act on this. Tuna said, “They shared with us the problems they experience. The problems they mention are common problems of most parts of the society. We will definitely take actions regarding these problems. Our state and our nation are strong enough to do this. We will try to do what is necessary. We have the congress ahead and these issues will be talked in more detail after the congress. They talked about the projects our Government carries out with the European Union. They told us about the problems they experience. And we listened and took the necessary notes. This was an introductory meeting,” said Tuna.