LGBTI Immigrants and Refugees in Turkey

LGBTI refugees constitute the most invisible group

The Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Refugee Commission has released a written statement for the June 20th Refugees Day. The Commission, which listed the problems experienced by LGBTI refugees in Turkey and shared their demands, said that “LGBTI immigrants and refugees constitute the most invisible and disadvantaged group.”

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LGBTI Immigrant and Refugee Helpline

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Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association has been working for LGBTI rights and freedoms in Turkey since 1993. With our Helpline, founded in 2004, we have been working to offer solutions to problems LGBTI people face.
Turkey is a crossroad for refugees. We are aware of the problems that LGBTI immigrants and refugees encounter in Turkey as these problems are becoming more visible. Thus; Lambdaistanbul has founded an LGBTI Immigrant and Refugee Helpline which serves in Azeri, Persian, English and Turkish to help people and contribute solutions to the problems they encounter.
If you are an LGBTI immigrant or refugee residing in Turkey and if you have any questions regarding the issues below:
– If you do not know where to apply to get legal and medical help
– If you need information on institutions and the services they offer
– If you want to share and talk about the problems you face due to your LGBTI identity
– If you need a counselor or a psychologist
Call us at  on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6:30 and 8:00 PM EEST.