Announcement from the Religious Affairs

The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs was said to make a scandalous decision and open up the mosques in Germany to perverted homosexuals[1]. However the subsequent announcement revealed that these claims were bogus. 

Source: “Diyanet’ten açıklama: Onları biz davet etmedik” (“Announcement from the Religious Affairs”). Yeni Akit, 14 November 2014,

Ender Çetin, the chair of the Sehitlik [Martyrdom] Mosque Foundation, which is affiliated with the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB)[2], stated in relation to claims of “They invited homosexuals to the mosque,” that they did not invite the homosexual group to the mosque. 

In his statement, Çetin specified that the Leadership Foundation, which organizes various events, had a request to visit the mosque along with a homosexual group on 24 November. Çetin noted that the mosque foundation holds publicity and guidance events for the mosque that are held for everyone. 

Çetin, who stated that, similar to other mosques, Sehitlik Mosque too is open to everyone regardless of their religion, race, color, language, and perspective, said “They communicated that they wanted to visit the mosque. However we did not send them a separate invitation to them. Because our doors are open to everyone, we show the mosque around to everyone.” 

It was not an invitation by the mosque

Çetin, who said “there was no special invitation,” conveyed their discomfort at the publicization of this event as if this were “an invitation by the mosque.” 

Çetin, who stated that questions about homophobia could be answered during the Q&A session following the mosque tour, explained that the tour program includes the history of the mosque, its architectural structure, the basic rules of the religion, and especially instructions on how to perform the salaat. Çetin emphasized however that it is out of question to have them give a speech. 

It has been stated that Leadership Foundation and The Foundation of Immigrant Lesbian and Homosexuals was going to visit the mosque during the Meet2respect project and that this event was being organized with collaboration from the Sehitlik Mosque Foundation. 

[1] LGBTI News Turkey translates texts without correcting hate speech in order to better reflect the source text.