“When she hugs me, I feel warm and fuzzy inside”

We started this interview with the joke that one ought to publish it with the title “Two bisexual women – a love story between Corum and Bandirma.” These are two small provinces in Turkey that no one associates with love between women. As this alternative title says, Gozde and Melahat are two bisexual women. They shared with[1] their “friendship as fellow travelers,” their fun chats, what they’ve learned from each other, and their love.

Gozde and Melahat

There are two different theories as to how Gozde and Melahat met. “I met her during the 2nd Symposium against Discrimination whereas she met me at the Anti-Homophobia Meeting last year. You see, there is a 5-month gap in between,” explains Gozde. The reason, amnesia.

Melahat does not remember when we first met but I can’t really forget as it was a kind of ill-tempered one. When we introduced ourselves to each other again last year at the Anti-Homophobia Meeting, I cracked a joke about it, which made me feel relaxed.”

Now, let’s hear the story from Melahat: “We spent a good deal of time together during the events of Anti-Homophobia Meeting in May. Gozde and her friends helped me a lot with organizational matters, we were always together. We had a friendly intimacy and it went just like that for a while. And I already had a lover back then. Also Gozde was seeing someone…”

Then interrupts Gozde: “I wasn’t seeing someone. I had a lover, too [laughs].”