Trans inmates on hunger strike

Trans Inmate on Hunger Strike: “I don’t want to die!”

Source: Yıldız Tar, “Açlık Grevindeki Trans Mahpus: Ölmek istemiyorum!” (“Trans Inmate on Hunger Strike: ‘I don’t want to die!’”), 10 April 2014,

Avşa, a trans inmate on hunger strike for the last 60 days, has told of the sexual assault, violence and isolation she has been put through during her incarceration. “I have been hungry for 60 days and I don’t want to die. Because I was jailed before I had a chance to flourish.”

Avşa, one of the trans inmates in Bafra T-type Prison who went on hunger strike due to various violations of her rights, wrote a letter to Kaos GL, an LGBTI solidarity organization,  about her experiences in prison.

Avşa reports that she has been subjected to systematic sexual harassment and violence, which is why she has been on hunger strike for the last 60 days. She has recently been transferred from Bafra to Kocaeli Prison. She has lived through countless infringements to her rights during this time.

In 2009, Avşa was first subjected to sexual abuse by a correctional officer during her time in Giresun Correctional Facility. She took her experiences to court with sufficient evidence and the assaulting officer got sentenced to imprisonment by the Giresun Criminal Court. Avşa, on the other hand, was relocated to the Tokat Correctional Facility considering lack of safety.