Violation of the right to privacy

Police tagging of homosexuals: Your Daughter Has Become a Thing!

Source: “Polisten Eşcinsellere Fişleme: Kızınız Şey Olmuş!,” (Police tagging of homosexuals: Your daughter has become a thing!”,), 27 February 2014,

In Çanakkale the police visited the grandmother of a homosexual woman after seeing her posts on the Internet. They told the grandmother that “Your daughter has become a ‘thing.’ There are five other women like her in our city of Çanakkale.”

Discrimination in Turkey has no boundaries regarding the violation of the right of privacy, while the constitutional rights of the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) people are not recognized and no precautions are taken against hate crimes.

Your daughter has become a thing!

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, has reported that the police tagged her after listening to her phone records and tracking text messages between the woman and her lover. Thereupon the police visited the grandmother of the lover and told her that “Your granddaughter has become a ‘thing’.” The police also admitted that they had tagged five other women like her in Çanakkale.”


Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ’s Press Statement at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ was working as a football referee in Trabzon, Turkey for 14 years. After many ordeals in the military system, he finally got his “unfit to serve in the military” report based on his sexual orientation. The Turkish Military deems homosexuality a “psychosexual disorder.” He submitted this report to the Turkish Football Federation in Febraury 2009. This report was leaked to the press and his sexual orientation was outed. From that moment on, he was no longer assigned matches, barred from exams, and targeted by homophobia. In November 2010, Dinçdağ filed a suit against the Turkish Football Federation for the violation of his right to privacy and discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation. The 10th hearing of the case will be heard on 10 December 2013 on Human Rights Day.

Dinçdağ explained the process and the rights violations in a press statement with Republican People’s Party MP Melda Onur. Please turn the captions on for English subtitles.