World AIDS Day

Regulations Leave Sex Workers Unprotected against HIV

Source: “Yasalar Seks İşçilerini HIV’e Karşı Korumasız Bırakıyor,” (“Regulations Leave Sex Workers Unprotected against HIV,”) Bianet, 02 December 2013,

On December 1st World AIDS Day, the Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association pointed out that sex workers are one of the important vulnerable groups that must be reached regarding HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The association has called on the government to form inexpensive, accessible and inclusive services which are suitable for the special needs of sex workers for protection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


UN, Give Us Condoms!

Source: Meltem Özgenç, “BM bize prevervatif dağıt,” (“UN, Give Us Condoms!”) Hürriyet, 30 November 2013,

After the Ministry of Health terminated the distribution of free condoms, Turkey’s sex workers applied to the United Nations: Our Ministry does not give condoms, you should.

Prior to World AIDS Day on 1 December, some sex workers and non-governmental organizations applied to the United Nations with an interesting request. Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association submitted the application. Association president Buse Kılıçkaya stated that Turkey received a 3.9 million USD grant in 2006 from the Global Fund and distributed some of this money among relevant associations. Kılıçkaya says, “During that time we also received a lot of condoms. These were distributed to associations. At that time, many sex workers under the risk of contracting HIV felt more at ease.