LGBTI NEWS TURKEY is a group of volunteer-translators dedicated to providing English translations and sources on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) issues in Turkey for journalists, activists, scholars and the general public. Since August 2013, our mission has been to actively participate in the global LGBTI discussion by drawing attention to the issues of LGBTI people living in Turkey.

Read more about our project from some of our volunteers and our call to volunteer here.

We are also on Twitter, FacebookDiaspora*, and GNU Social.


We always need volunteer translators and editors. For all inquiries and to volunteer, please contact:

The Team

Our translation and editing process relies on team work. This list of LGBTI NEWS TURKEY volunteers is partial as some volunteers have chosen to remain anonymous.

Current Volunteers:

Elizabeth Coleman

Cansu Kutlualp

George Winter

Mehmet Atif Ergun

Nilgün Uygun

Zeynep Serinkaya

Seda Nur Eseroğlu

Lukka Alp Akarçay

Esma Kartal


Former Volunteers:

Asım Ada

Artis Klavins

Canay Özden-Schilling

Cem Emre Gutay

Ceylan Engin

Elif Kircali

Elif Avcı

E. Tuğçe Kurt

Funda Karabacak

Hüma Talay

İbrahim Kaymak

İrem Gökduman

Kelsey Lundgren

Merve Mert

Orhun Gündüz

Ömer Akpınar

Öner Ceylan

Ryan Powell

Seda Özdil

Turgay Bayındır

Yağmur Nuhrat

Zeynep Bilginsoy

Zeynep Gunbay

Zeynep Şahin



  1. which is your address?i want you see.i am iranian.help me.i want come turkey.thanks

    1. Hi Eli, we do not have an address because we are an online project and don’t have an office. You can try contacting Kaos GL in Ankara or Lambdaistanbul in Istanbul. You can also talk to IRQO in Canada for guidance.

  2. Hi there.
    I am working for an international company and we have two branches in Turkey. Being responsible for several people (I am not Turkish but in Turkey 8-10 times a year). One of my colleagues is going to be promoted, unfortunately another colleague of her found out, that she’s HIV positive (I already knew it because she told me when we have talked about the promotion and she also told me that she is under the detection limit) and gave these info to the country management in Turkey. They struggle with the promotion and think about absurd things (like forcing all employees to do a blood test by a doctor who comes to the company). They have already spoken to the company doc and he recommended that this person should leave the company (WTF!). In Germany we don’t fire people just because they are HIV positive and we don’t refuse to promote them. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information what the rights of an HIV positive person regarding work. I know that the stigmatization of HIV positive people is enormously high. It would be great if you could provide any information or an link, where I can find information. I am sorry, I don’t speak Turkish, so information in English would be very helpful. Thank you so much.


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