A Transsexual in Gaziantep University

Source: “Gaziantep Üniversitesi’nde Bir Transseksüel,” (“A Transsexual in Gaziantep University,”) Gaziantephaberler, 05 January 2014, http://www.gaziantephaberler.com/gaziantep-universitesinde-bir-transseksuel-haberi-29571.html

Taha Tufan, a student at Gaziantep University (GAUN) Physical Education and Sport Academy, disclosed that he is exposed to discrimination at the university because of his gender identity. Tufan said, “They feel uncomfortable towards the organization of LGBTs. They want to make sure that everyone is the same. They can’t tolerate different people.”

The news of Dicle News Agency (DIHA) about Taha Tufan, a student at Gaziantep University, is as follows:

The rights violations based on the sexual identities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals continue to occur. Taha Tufan, a student at Gaziantep University Physical Education and Sport Academy, declared that he was exposed to discrimination by the university management for being a trans man. Tufan said that he did not openly reveal his identity at his prior educational institutions but that he claimed his identity at his university. He also said that he has experienced attacks based on his gender identity starting at this time. Tufan reported that he had been falsely accused of  the murder of one of his female friends at the university who had in fact been killed by her ex-boyfriend. Tufan talked about the complete change in his instructors’ approach to him after this happened and said, “The instructors told people in classes ‘Don’t talk to him or be friends with him. He should understand that what he is doing is wrong so that he changes his mind.’ Nobody talked to me after that.”

“They feel uncomfortable towards the organization of LGBTs.”

Tufan claimed that the head of department shared this attitude and told him, “You will stay away from my female students. You won’t talk to anybody.” Tufan stressed that they try to force a routine lifestyle on them via this approach and said that this is not a new approach towards LGBTs in universities. Tufan said that the similar situations had previously occurred before but were not made public. “Actually, this is the attitude that says you will not be different, that you will be how society wants you to be. A homosexual can hide themselves if forced to, but a trans person can never keep their identity a secret.”

“They did not allow the screening of the documentary”

Tufan said that they wanted to screen the documentary “My Child” in the university’s cinema as part of the Zeugmadi LGBT organization’s activities but the management of the university forbade it because of the content. Tufan said, “It had nothing to do with the documentary’s content, which is about the processes that families of people like us go through. Actually, they feel uncomfortable about the political organization of LGBTs. They want everyone to be the same. They have no tolerance towards different people. There is massive prejudice towards people who think differently. So they put out this message: “Either you will fit in boxes like us or you will be excluded.”

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