Transphobic Hate Murder in Antep

Source: “Antep’de Homofobik Nefret Cinayeti” (“Transphobic Hate Murder in Antep”), 21 February 2014,

Transwoman Sevda Başar was murdered by her boyfriend Ethem Orhan on Wednesday.

After the killer confessed his crime both to his family and to the military police, the military police found Sevda Başar’s dead body today. Orhan had shot his girlfriend in the chest with a hunting rifle and buried her in the vineyard he worked at.

There was no respect for Sevda’s gender identity even after her death

Başar received her pink identity card approximately one and a half months ago. Her body was washed in a male ghusl (a place of body-washing of the deceased), disregarding her gender identity. In addition, Başar’s family did not accept trans-individuals to the funeral and made the statement that, “our son has died in a car accident.”

Ethem Orhan deceived 29 year old Başar with promises of marriage. He took her gold belongings and fled to Serbia. It was later found out that Orhan was already married.

ZeugMadi LGBT is going to make a press statement at 2 PM today at the Yeşilsu Park in regard to the transphobic hate murder.

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