Milli Gazete’s Sodom and Gomorrah analogy

Milli Gazete Cover Page, 25 November 2014. Annotated.

Milli Gazete Cover Page, 25 November 2014. Part 1. Annotated. Click for full size.


Milli Gazete: Invitation to morality!

Source: Milli Gazete, 25 November 2014, cover page. Newspaper scans (below) without annotations have been provided by Kaos GL, 26 November 2014.


WE have been complained about to their great authority Europe… Milli Gazete [lit. “National Newspaper”] said “abnormality and perversion”, said “Wicked invitation”… Their grievance is grand or so they said; everyone tolerates them but this naughty Milli Gazete: it writes, and it draws, and it brings to the headlines what is being done and what is being planned, so said lady Binnaz… “ultra religious newspaper,” so says she. Apparently, when we deal with the LGBTI problem, we commit a “hate crime;” we do “religiousness,” and on top of that we go too far. But when they call us “ultra religious,” they don’t call what they do to be hateful. When we put the facts on the table for the lady, we end up unsettling her mindset. But let it be known, we do not apologize for the disturbance we have caused, we will not apologize!

Apparently you did not show hatred for years as you attacked this people’s values and belief [sic]. Apparently when you called us “bigoted,” “retrogressive,” and “ultra religious,” you did so out of your tolerance. To you, a Muslim has no right to live, is that not true!

Surely we know that you have asserted over-tolerance and engaged in ultra-dialog when you attempted to defame the bread, the salah, the veil, the headscarf, the azan, the mosque, the minaret, the religious hat [takke], the gown [cübbe], and the turban. You obliged (!). Those friends of yours, in whose steps you are following, have banned minarets, the circumcision, the azan, the [religious] sacrifice [e.g. Eid al-Adha] out of their love. Surely all the tyrannies and the massacres in Bosnia, in Chechnya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Mali, in Libya, in Jerusalem, in Gazza, in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Bangladesh, in Central Africa out of their love and tolerance and for human rights. Surely muslims are being killed through love and dialogue, not hatred.

They don’t hate but we do, is that it!..

We already know what they are.. But how about our neighbors..


The newspapers, writers, speakers of the conservative media..

The hodjas who talk about the century of happiness with their background music in morning shows on TV! The Döngeloğlu’s, the Hatipoğlu’s, the Karataş’, the Hayrettin Kahraman’s.. How much longer do you plan on remaining patient, how long will you remain silent… Are you not going to say a single word for this “LGBTI” disgrace.

The tariwahs and the religious communities [cemaat] who engraved spirituality to the hearts for so many years; you are the pillars of this nation, of this people! A war is being waged against Allah Jalla Jalaluhu, against the Kur’an, against the Resulullah [c.f. “Muhammadden Resulullah”]. A war is being waged against the family institution, against the youth, against the generation of Asım [“Asım” is a poem book by Mehmet Akif Ersoy, published in 1924; in this work, the poet described his ideal of a Muslim Turkish youth and named it “the generation of Asım” –Source: Wikipedia]. An outright and “immoral” war waged in the name of LGBTI. The west is not staying idle, nor does the EU. Nor do their appendices in Turkey…

Here is our moral invitation in response to the “immoral invitation:” Do not remain silent. Let us not remain silent. We will not stay silent…

We, as Milli Gazete, are the followers and defenders of the Islamic values that constitute this noble people, not the values, the perversions, the ab-normalities that constitute the EU. What we do is neither opposition nor hatred. Our invitation is to morality! To the generation of Asım, to our tomorrows!


They are looking for MPs who will defend homosexuality.

IMMORAL INVITATION [the terminology used here appears to be a reference to Adrian Lyne’s 1993 movie, “Indecent Proposal”]


Their fights on public arenas, on general assemblies, on TV, and on headlines is legendary.


When the issue is the EU’s demands, they are brothers in arms. The CHP [main opposition party in Turkey] and the AKP [the ruling party in Turkey] met in Tirana [capital city of Albania] for the “Perversion Seminar.”


Europe’s “perversion seminars” were held in Tirana. MPs from the People’s Parliament were requested to represent Turkey. Following Milli Gazete’s “Immoral invitation” headline, three of the MPs who were selected by the Parliament declared that they will not be attending the meeting in Tirana. While we expected only the CHP’s MP to board the plane, it was uncovered that the AKP’s Nursuna Memecan secretly boarded the plane as well.


The AKP group, which failed to convince two other MPs who were chosen and whose names were announced previously, as it appears, expressed great decisiveness and managed to send another MP. The AKP’s MP did not only attend, nor did she not only speak.. but the ladies from the CHP and AKP were handed over a mission by European Parliament Vice President Ulrike Lonacek: “GO TO TURKEY, EXPLAIN TO THEM THAT THIS IS NOT A PERVERSION SEMINAR.”


Where are you going! That road you took is no road…

In the opposite direction

Milli Gazete Cover Page, 25 November 2014. Part 2. Annotated. Click for full size.

Milli Gazete Cover Page, 25 November 2014. Part 2. Annotated. Click for full size.


The reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Prof. Nedim Urhan

“There is a desire to degenerate the moral and social fabric of Turkey. What is bitter about this is that the state is supporting this project. The intercourse of woman with woman and of man with man is against the wisdom of creation. Allah has created them as man and woman. According to Qur’an, Sodom and Gomorrah have been destroyed. They are systematically taking into their programs an issue that Islam does not condone in any way or shape. We should express our reaction against this action that is against Allah’s order as a Muslim cemaat group. I will convey my views on the issue to the Religious Affairs Directorate.”


Though it has been said that only the CHP’s Binnaz Toprak was going to attend Tirana, it has been uncovered that the AKP group has secretly sent Nursuna Memecan as well.


We have been complained about to Europe, we are honored


Religious Affairs:

It is definitely perversion, it is forbidden by our religion

We have asked about the LGBTI perversion seminar that met in Tirana, the capital city of Albania, to the CALL Fatwa hotline of the Religious Affairs Directorate. We asked “Is it right to attend this meeting?” We received this answer: “Those who support such a meeting positively are sinning. One ought to stay away from this and the malice of this should be publicized through NGOs.” Additionally, we received the following response on homosexual perversions: “It is definitely perversion. It is forbidden in our religion.”


They “ran away” from the LGBTI meeting

Cumhuriyet [left-leaning newspaper]


While the AKP’s Nursuna Memecan spoke in the seminar on behalf of Turkey, the CHP’s Binnaz Toprak complained about Milli Gazete to Europe, saying “these are publications of an ultra religious newspaper,” referring to our headlines. We are saying just so that it is known: we did not regret, we did not feel sorry… If we are being reported for owning up to Islam, to the people’s values, to our family structure, to our youth, and to our generation… This report is a honorary medal for us… We have been honored.


Binnaz Toprak, the CHP’s MP and the deputy chair of the Gender Commission of Equal Opportunity drew attention to the heartbreaking struggle by one AKP MP and one CHP MP for LGBTIs with the following quote: “I said ‘We were going to attend with four people. But before we came, an ultra religious newspaper (referring to Milli Gazete) wrote ‘these are protecting the perverts, they are being used as EU’s tools in the Parliament in EU’s project to protect perverts’ and three people became scared and bolted.’ They were very much surprised. I said ‘thank God Ms. Nursuna Memecan was brave and attended.’ The chair also congratulated her.”


Milli Gazete disseminated hatred yet again

Evrensel [leftist newspaper]


Milli Gazete had its way

Turkish Parliament Human Rights Commission member and AKP MP Mehmet Metiner and Ziver Özdemir and MHP’s MP and Gender Commission of Equal Opportunity member Ruhsar Demirel did not attend, even though they were announced as attendees of the seminar titled “Basic Rights, Anti-Discrimination, and the protection of vulnerable groups including LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex)” that was held on 20-21 November in Albania’s capital Tirana by the European Parliament. CHP’s Binnaz Toprak said: “3 MPs got scared and ran away. AKP’s Nursuna Memecan was brave in attended. This situation by itself ….”

Birgün [leftist newspaper]


Director of DIN-BIR-DER [The Foundation of the Union of Religion Clerks] Muhittin Yıldırım:

This event [sic] is definitely a perversion banned by Allah. Whoever is being used as an instrument in this is committing a great sin. The Lot tribe has been destroyed because of this. The Sodom and Gomorrah cities in the Aegean region have seen the wrath of Allah because of this. It is very painful that our country supports organizations that engage in such perverted projects.


The Project to Ruin Humanity

Hodja Enver Baytan

“Perverted relations are against the human nature. Whoever tolerate this also commits a treason against humanity. They want to corrupt the human race by engaging one gender with its own. [sic] This is something to ruin humanity. The first human was Adam alayhi s-salām and was male. The first woman was Hawwā alayhi s-salām and was created to provide a spouse to him. Of these two bred 40 thousand humans. Girls and boys were created. Cenab-ı Hakk [Allah] has kept this rule as such. This world is dependent upon humanity.Other creatures will see benefit in humans. But those humans who are not disciplined will hurt those creatures as well.

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