Trans woman murdered and hidden under couch

In Istanbul, a trans woman was killed and hidden under a pull-out couch for 3 days by a man named Necat Y.

Source: “Trans kadını öldürüp, çekyata sakladı!” ( “Trans woman murdered and hidden under couch”),, 30 January 2015,

In Şirinevler, Istanbul, a trans woman with the initials B.E. was killed by a man called Nejat Y. He kept the dead body of the trans woman under a couch for 3 days. The murderer reportedly stayed in B.E.’s house for 3 days.

The murder became evident after B.E.’s family who live in the southern city of Adana called the police on January 10. The Istanbul police found a strong odor and the dead body hidden in the couch when they entered B.E.’s house. After reports that the 20-year-old murderer ran away to Niğde appeared, a special police crew went to Niğde and arrested him.

He kept using the house after the murder!

Nejat Y. confessed to the murder during an investigation at the Homicide Department. He made the following statement:

“I paid for sex. Following a quarrel after sex, I choked her to death. I wrapped the corpse in a carpet and put it under the couch. I sprayed some perfume around and cleaned the house. Then I used the house for a few days more. I told people that she needed to attend a funeral in Konya when they asked.”

The suspect was detained and taken to prison.

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