Governor’s Office Bans Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week Press Statement Due to “Sensitivities”

Istanbul Governor’s Office has not approved Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week’s request to hold a press statement on 26 June in Taksim’s Tünel Square due to “sensitivities” and “security”. 

Source: Kaos GL, “LGBTİ+ Onur Haftası basın açıklamasına da Valilik’ten ‘hassasiyet’ yasağı!”, 23 June 2016,

LGBTI associations have submitted notices to the Istanbul Governor’s Office after the ban on 19 June Trans Pride March and 26 June LGBTI+ Pride March via a statement on their website and after the police intervention on Trans Pride March.

The application stated the request to hold a press statement within the scope of Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week on 26 June at 17:00 in Tünel Square.

The Istanbul Governor’s Office’s response to the application includes the following statements:

Within Law No: 5442, this request has not been approved due to the terror attacks that have taken place in our country and the area; because provocative acts and events may take place when the sensitivities that have emerged in society are taken into account; and because it may cause a disruption in public order and the people’s- including the participants of the event- tranquility, security, and welfare.

The institutions that made the application and the committee will take the Governor’s decision to the Administrative Court.


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