Official statement: Ankara governor’s office bans LGBTI events

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Source: Ankara Valiliği, “Yasaklama Kararına İlişkin Basın Duyurusu,” November 19, 2017,

Press Statement Regarding the Ban Decision

It has been noticed through various social media and print and visual media outlets that in different locations around our city activities such as film screenings, cinevision, theater plays, panels, talks, exhibitions etc. which include certain social sensibilities and sensitivities by various civil society organizations under the name of LGBTT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or transvestite) and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) are scheduled.

It was decided that the aforementioned social media shares might deliberately incite a certain segment of society with different characteristics of social class, race, religion, sect or region against another segment of society, that this might lead to imminent peril with regards to public security, that also it can harm the protection of other people’s rights and liberties, public health and morality as well as of public order, prevention of crime, and therefore there may be reactions and provocations against the groups and individuals taking part in the organization due to certain social sensibilities.

Due to these circumstances, from November 18, 2017 onwards, activities of LGBTT-LGBTI organizations such as film screenings, cinevision, theater plays, panels, talks, exhibitions which include certain social sensitivities and sensibilities in various locations around our city are banned by our Governorship, based on the Article 11/C of Law Of Provincial Administration No 5442, within the scope of measures to be taken for the provision of peace, security, right to physical integrity and the public order, following Article 17 of Law No. 2911 on Assembly and Demonstration Marches and Article 11/F of Law No. 2935 on State of Emergency.

We respectfully announce the ban to the public.


  1. I was born in 1973, far away from the 2nd World War and that war has only been known to me as history.
    More than a 100.000 Jews were deported from my country, by the Nazi’s, to death-camps. This was after these Jews were banned from walking in the park, going to a cinema or swimming-pool or even be allowed outside during daylight- hours.
    It was a prelude to an inevitable round-up and mass deportations. The Nazi’s claimed these measures were needed because Jews formed a danger to society. Their way of life, even their lives, had to be exterminated.

    This is the war-past of my country and the history I grew up with.
    In my country, today, we do not block Jews or Muslims or people of any sexual orientation from exercising their right to life. Our government doesn’t hang up signs that excludes part of society from walking in a park or love how they want to love.
    My country always remembers her past but we do not live in it. We make SURE we don’t live in it.

    Not so in Turkey.
    They have just re-entered the Nazi era…

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