New Information in Connection with the Murder of Hande Kader

One suspect has been arrested as part of the investigation into the murder of  Hande Kader.

Source: “New Information in Connection with the Murder of Hande Kader” (“Hande Kader cinayeti aydınlanıyor”), Seyhan Avşar, Cumhuriyet, December 2, 2018,

The İstanbul Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor demanded the arrest of one person suspected for Hande Kader’s murder. Hande Kader was a 23 year old trans woman whose body was left on the side of the road in Zekeriyaköy after she was brutally murdered and burned. The suspect was arrested by the İstanbul 6. Criminal Court of Peace judgeship on October 19. By the demand of the Office of Public Prosecutor and the verdict of the İstanbul 12. Criminal Court of Peace judgeship, a confidentiality order has been issued for the safety of the investigation.

Hande Kader is remembered for her resistance against police violence, when she sat against the water cannon during the Pride Walk 2015 in Taksim, while the police was intervening against the demonstrators with rubber bullets, tear gas and high pressure water. Almost exactly a year after her resistance, on August 6, 2016, it was reported that she is missing. Kader’s body was found on the side of the road in Zekeriyaköy on August 13. Her body was in such a state that her friend could hardly identify her. An investigation was opened into the case of her murder.

No other significant evidence was found nor were there cell towers that could be accessed in the area where Hande Kader’s body was found. It was reported that the investigation duration was extended due to the difficulties in the collection of evidence and the scope of the case.  Experts from the Sarıyer Gendarmerie Command and İstanbul Directorate of Security Homicide Desk continue their collaboration under the supervision of Public Prosecutor to expose the events surrounding Kader’s murder.



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