Love has won in İzmir: The ban on Pride Week has been lifted!

Source: Love has won in İzmir: The ban on Pride Week has been lifted! (İzmir’de aşk kazandı: Onur Haftası yasağı kaldırıldı!), Pembe Hayat,, June 19, 2019

The Young LGBTI+ Association (Genç LGBTI+ Derneği) has successfully appealed against the ban imposed by the Governorship of İzmir on the 7th İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Week and the ban has been lifted.

On June 14, the Izmir Governorship made a statement through its official website, banning the İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Week which was planned to start on June 17.

“Pursuant to the Law no.2911 on Meetings and Demonstration Marches, the Regulation on Implementation of this Law, and Article 11/A-C of the Law no.5442 on Provincial Administration, several activities & events planned to be organized were banned by our governorship in order to ensure the peace and safety of the city’s people, to protect their right of privacy, the safety of the economy, public security, and welfare; to protect national security and public order, to prevent crimes, to protect public health, public decency, and other people’s rights and freedom, and to prevent possible violence and terrorist activities.”

İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Week made a public statement through social media after the governorship introduced the ban and stated that they condemn the decision. “In the current political atmosphere of Turkey, especially over the last 4 years, Pride Week activities and events organized in many cities were banned and LGBTI+ activities & events were banned in Ankara for an indefinite period. All of these bans have a goal to threaten and intimidate LGBTI+ individuals for being visible and having raised their voices.”

The ban is lifted!

Genc LGBTI+ Association’s appeal against execution of the ban was heard by the court today [June 19]. After another hearing at the court for İzmir Pride March on Friday it will be decided whether the two scheduled events “Bondage Workshop” and “Sex Toy Workshop” will still take place. All other events have permission to take place in line with the court decision to repeal the ban on the 7th İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Week. The decision was taken with one vote in favour of enforcing the ban and two votes for the bans repeal. One of those two votes repealing the ban, commented that this decision should be applied to all pride activities in Izmir.

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