PinkLife QueerFest launches LGBTI+ Film Platform ! #YouRSoPrettyRUOnline

Source: “PinkLife QueerFest launches LGBTI+ Film Platform!” (“LGBTİ+ Film Platformu açıldı!), Pink Life,, July 6,2019.

Pink Life QueerFest has been a pioneer in creating spaces of self-expression for the LGBTI+ rights movement since 2011, through panels, discussions, workshops and exhibitions. QueerFest marks the end of its eight anniversary with the launch of an LGBTI+ Film Platform. The platform will provide international LGBTI+ productions with Turkish subtitles to its audience. 

The short film titled “T” (2016) was released for online access during the hashtag campaign #LGBTIFilmsShallNotBeBanned and received a lot of attention, leading the festival organizers to bring together LGBTI+ themed films in an online platform. 

The platform will initially be introducing 40 films with Turkish subtitles, the archives will grow in time and will eventually have English and Farsi subtitle options. The platform will host feature films and short films of diverse genres, allowing audiences to access many films through a single source. The film archive is available on the QueerFest website and will be available for public screenings. 

 Click this link for LGBTI+ Film Platform.



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