Big Threat: The Perverts are Infiltrating the Schools

This article was published in Yeni Akit, a conservative Turkish daily newspaper, on 23 October 2012. Debates and trials on whether the article is within the bounds of freedom of expression or discrimination continue. Follow the trial here.

Source: Furkan Altınok, “Büyük tehlike, sapkınlar okullara sızıyor,” (“Big Threat: The Perverts are Infiltrating the Schools,”) Yeni Akit, 23 October 2012,

The perverts who push the limits of patience daily in order to gain new ground are now trying to breach middle schools.

The homosexuals who increase their perverse demands everyday under the guise of “democratic rights” have now entered schools. Kaos GL Association (Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organization) printed a brochure and started to distribute it in schools. The brochure presents perverse tendencies as “normal” and asks for “tolerance” towards students who have these tendencies.

The aim is to present perverts as “normal”

The association argues that homosexuals, butch women, transsexuals, and transvestites which is describes as “LGBT” are in the throngs of schools and families and has printed an “educational” brochure entitled “How to protect LBGT Youth from the Grip of Families and Schools.” Psychology counselor Yasemin Şafak said the need for the brochure arose after workshops with teachers. The brochure aims to “normalize” perversions under the following titles: “How Should Teachers Protect LGBT Students against the Grips of Families and Schools?”, “Gender, Social Gender and Gender Identity”, “Sexual Orientation, LGBT Terms and Descriptions”, “Ideologies of Discrimination against LGBT people”, and “Scientific Facts against Widespread Wrongs about Homosexuality.”

Support from the Education and Science Workers’ Union to the Perverts

Kaos GL Association will be running new workshops in schools and classrooms to develop strategies against “homophobic discrimination.” Brochures have been distributed in Ankara, Istanbul, Diyarbakır, and Çanakkale. The Education and Science Workers’ Union, whose executives were taken into custody during the operations on Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), also support the perverts’ brochure movement. Teachers who belong to this union are distributing the brochures to teachers and students in the schools.

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