Conservative paper asking for “tear gas” targets LGBTIs

Conservative newspaper Vahdet has targeted Kaos GL Association for supporting an Amnesty International campaign to stop tear gas supply to Turkey.

Source: “Conservative paper asking for “tear gas” targets LGBTIs!” Kaos GL, 9 January 2015,

Woman in Red

“Woman in red” – one of the iconic photographs of the Gezi Park protests

Vahdet [Unity] has targeted Kaos GL for supporting Amnesty International’s campaign, “South Korea: Stop tear gas supply or risk fuelling repression in Turkey.” The conservative newspaper named the association as “the perverts’ association.”

Yeni Akit’s hate speech continues with Vahdet

Vahdet was founded last month by some of the journalists who left Yeni Akit, another conservative newspaper infamous for its hate speech against minorities. Vahdet published that the Amnesty International campaign demands that South Korea immediately stop the planned shipment of massive amounts of tears gas to Turkey with the headline “See the Worries of the Axis of Evil!”

Vahdet's Headlines

“See the worries of the axis of evil!”
“A series of campaigns have been initiated to prevent the use of tear gas, one of the important functions of which is to disable the agent provocateurs in social events. Kaos GL, the perverts’ association, is also supporting the campaign.”

The newspaper labeled the campaign as “a dirty organization” and Kaos GL Association as “the perverts’ association” in a news article published on January 6, 2015.

According to Amnesty International, there is a planned export to Turkey of nearly 1.9 million tear gas cartridges and gas grenades. The first batch of riot control equipment is scheduled for delivery by a South Korean company to the Turkish government in mid-January 2015.

Court: Referring to gays as “perverse” is hate speech

In July 2014, for the first time, hate speech on the grounds of sexual orientation had a role in the decisions of the Turkish Constitutional Court. The Court acknowledged that calling gays “perverse” is hate speech.

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