Legal Action Concerning the So-Called Treatment of Homosexuality

Source: “Homoseksüelliğin Sözde Tedavisi Hakkında Yasal Girişim,” (“Legal Action Concerning The So-Called Treatment of Homosexuality,”) The Psychiatric Association of Turkey, 26 December 2013,

To Our Esteemed Colleagues and Public,

As the Psychiatric Association of Turkey we continue our work against activities and implementations that are outside ethical or scientific boundaries. In this context, on such occasions that lead to a breach of professional boundaries, we take legal actions to protect both public health and our profession.

We would like to share with you the information that we took legal action and filed complaints with the relevant institutions such as the governorship, the board of advertisement and the public prosecutor’s office concerning the so-called medicine “homofin.” Homofin was put on the market through a website with the claim that the so-called medicine “treats” homosexuality.

This unethical and unscientific practice considers homosexuality a disease and poses a threat to public health through the sale of a “so-called” medicine (with unknown content) with the promise of treating an inexistent disease.

We want to emphasize that creating awareness in the community is as important as taking legal actions against this kind of practices. We believe that everyone with knowledge of the subject, especially health professionals, should be responsible for creating awareness.


The Psychiatric Association of Turkey

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