BDP Akat Ata’s Questions to the Minister of Family and Social Policies


Peace and Democracy Party’s Batman Parliament Member Ayla Akat Ata’s questions regarding hate crimes and the murders of trans individuals to the Family and Social Minister Fatma Şahin submitted on 30 July 2013.

I request my questions below to be answered by Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin in accordance with Clause 98 of the constitution and Clause 99 of the statute.

                                                                                                     Ayla AKAT ATA

                                                                                               BDP Batman Parliament Member

Trans individuals continue to be the biggest victims of discourses of hate and hate killings in Turkey. There have been 6 hate killings of trans individuals in Turkey in 2012. In 2013, this number has reached 4 by the end of July: one in Düzce, one in Kuşadası, and two in Istanbul. Then again this desperate situation just reflects the ones that have been made public- in reality, the real number must be higher. The violence against LGBT individuals in general, and against trans individuals in particular will continue to increase unless legal precautions regarding hate crimes are taken. Most recently on 27 July 2013, the murder of a trans individual living in Beyoğlu, Istanbul named Gaye has relaunched the discussion on hate crimes and has increased the public’s demand for legal and factual precautions on this issue.

When it is blatantly obvious that trans killings are both political and systematic, it is worrying that there has been no statement from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Violence and decimation against trans individuals is another version of the violence against women, against handicapped people, against people who are HIV positive, against Kurdish people, against Armenians, against Alevis, against laborers, against refugees, against nature or against animals and the state is obligated to protect these individuals from this violence. However, the investigations of hate crimes are frequently not executed effectively and the murderers profit by the reduction of “unjust provocation” or “good conduct”. Additionally, government officials’ discourse of hate towards LGBT individuals make the prevention of transphobia and homophobia, which are already common in public, almost impossible and this issue is neglected on the level of the Ministry.

In this context,

1) What are the precautions planned by your Ministry to provide a free and equal life for trans individuals who are subjected to physical, sexual, psychological and economical violence on a daily basis?

2) Does the agenda of the Ministry have a  study on fighting transphobia to prevent the murders of trans individuals?

3) Is there a legal regulation that has been prepared to present to the Ministry of Justice with the proposition of enacting a law against hate crimes and thus preventing the violence against trans individuals or against anyone with a different identity?

4) As stated in the documentary “My Child”, which has recently been presented in a special screening in the The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the parents of LGBT individuals face a multitude of problems. Considering this fact, does your Ministry have a support program that has been prepared to share and reduce the difficulties these families endure?

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