The Hearing on the Attacks on Trans People’s Right to Housing Postponed

Source: Kaos GL, “Transların Barınma Hakkına Saldırı Davasında Erteleme,” (“The Case on the Attacks on Trans People’s Right to Housing Postponed,”) 18 December 2013,

The lawsuit filed for the attacks on trans people’s right to life and right to housing in Avcılar’s Meis Compound was postponed until 21 April 2014. Though there is no decision of confidentiality on the file, the judge forced LGBTI activists and the media to leave the courtroom.

In the last days of September 2013, Meis residents verbally and physically assaulted trans residents because of their gender identity and organized walks with torches. Kanaltürk’s “Neşter” (“Scalpel”) TV program aided the hate group.

Lawyer Rozerin Kip, representing the assaulted trans women, stated that 9 homes of trans women were sealed with the allegation of prostitution. The suspects in the Meis case are residents in the Meis and surrounding compounds.

More on the case: Avcılar-Meis Housing Complex: Violation of the Right to Housing

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