Reply from Ministry of National Defense to Parliamentary Question by Sebahat Tuncel

Source: İsmet Yılmaz, “Yazılı Soru Önergesinin Cevabı,” “Reply to the Written Parliamentary Question,” 5 July 2012,

Republic of Turkey

Ministry of National Defense, Ankara

Date: 05.07.2012

To the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Speaker’s Office:

About: Document entitled “Parliamentary Question” from the Grand National Assembly with date 21 May 2012 and number A.01.0.KKB.

Please find attached in Supplement-A the reply to Istanbul Deputy Sebahat Tuncel’s Parliamentary Question (number 7/7088) addressing the Minister of National Defense.

Kindly submitted for your information,

İsmet Yılmaz

Minister of National Defense


1.     There are no current projects towards abolishing mandatory military service or towards recognizing conscientious objection as a legal right.

2.     There are no statistics kept in relation to those who have declared different sexual orientations during medical examinations and requested “Unfit for Military Service” reports in the past years.

3.     Medical examinations for those who declare that they will not be able to serve in the military due to their different sexual orientations are carried out in military hospitals in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Health Ability Regulations. Therefore those obliged are not required to present any photographs or videos in medical consultations other than the information or documents they wish or choose to provide. In 2011, 22 private soldiers were deemed “Unfit for Military Service” as they were serving in the military due to “D/17 F-4 Advanced Psychosexual Disorder” and 53 private soldiers received the same report during their military service due to “B/17 F-3 Psychosexual Disorder.”

Personnel that declares their disorder or whose disorder is determined by relevant legion/institution is referred to TSK Military Hospitals with a residing specialist. After the specialist’s examination, if further action needs to be taken in accordance with the TSK Health Ability Regulations, the person is sent to the health council with a decision recommendation where final evaluation and decision-making take place.

4.     The following are taken from the 17th item (Psychological Health and Illness) of the TSK Health Ability Regulations’ list of Illnesses and Disorders:

a.     Section B, Clause 3: “Psychosexual Disorders: This clause is relevant for those whose sexual behavioral disorder is revealed in the military and would thus cause problems. Such a condition must be proved through the questionnaire of the unit or other formal documents.”

b.     Section D, Clause 4: “Advanced Psychosexual Disorders: This clause is relevant for those whose sexual behavioral disorder is highly conspicuous in their entire lives. The fact that this condition would cause or has caused problems in the military must be proved through observation or by documents.

The documents mentioned above include the person’s records from the prosecution office, courts and the police department as well as prescriptions of medication or hormone therapy.

5.     As such, those who are diagnosed with a “Psychosexual Disorder” are by no means requested to provide photographs or videos. It is apparent that no such documentation is sought towards finalizing the aforementioned diagnosis. There have been investigations to clarify this issue upon media reports claiming that photographs and videos were requested from individuals with a “Psychosexual Disorder.” It was affirmed that no such practice exists.

6.     The TSK Health Ability Regulations continue to be updated in line with new developments in medicine and in response to specific needs that arise in implementation.

For your kind attention,

İsmet Yılmaz

Minister of National Defense

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