High School LGBTI group targeted by the newspaper Vahdet

The new addition to Vahdet newspaper’s list of news reports targeting LGBTI is the one about LGBTI high school group that will join the education rally and boycott [on 13 February 2015].

Source: “Vahdet’in hedefinde Liseli LGBTİ var: Sapkınların hedefi liseliler” (“High School LGBTI group targeted by the newspaper Vahdet: High Schoolers targeted by perverts”), kaosGL.org, February 6, 2014, http://kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=18663.

Vahdet, a newspaper founded by a splinter group from Yeni Akit, another paper known for its news reports that target LGBTI people and reproduce hate discourse, called the high school LGBTI group a “pervert group.”  Below are statements from the report written by Osman Yiğit:

“Sexual pervert groups who have the support of the CHP[1] and HDP[2] now turn to high school and try to inject the youth with their immorality.  The perverts who founded a group called “High School LGBTI” invite students to picnics, trips and pervert film screenings aiming to expand their field of action.”

The report which claimed that citizens do not want LGBTI people in the schools also reprinted a report from kaosGL.org about an “8 year old transgender child’s coming out rap”.

Vahdet and Yeni Akit join in hate

The report, which characterized the call by the LGBTI student group for ungendered restrooms a disgrace, was titled “Restroom Scandal in High School”.

The high school LGBTI group had protested in a press statement the news report by Yeni Akit last March (2014) titled, “The Perverts Pester High Schools”.

“Disgrace” according to Vahdet, “No to Discrimination in Education” in reality

High school LGBTI will lend their support to the protest rally on February 8th and the atention [drawing] boycott on February 13th, organized by the leadership of Alevi Associations, objecting to the decisions issued by the 19th Education Council to “deny the proposal of Alevism as a topic to be expanded in books used in religion classes” and to “offer religion classes to first grade elementary schools.”

[1] CHP: Republican People’s Party
[2] HDP: Peoples’ Democratic Party

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