Vahdet Newspaper: “High Schoolers Targeted by Perverts”

The group called  “High School LGBTI” who demand that girls and boys restrooms be joined  in schools, is preparing for an education boycott. The pervert group is also seeking to enlarge their field of action by inviting students to picnics and pervert film screenings.

Source: Osman Yiğit, “Sapkınların Hedefi Liseliler”, (“High Schoolers Targeted by Perverts”), Vahdet, February 6, 2014,

Sexual pervert groups who have the support of the CHP and HDP turn to high schools to inject the youth with their immorality. The perverts who founded the group “high school LGBTI” are seeking to enlarge their field of action by inviting students to picnics, trips and pervert film screenings.

Secular Education Protest Rally

The pervert group who decided to join and support the “Secular Education-Democratic Life” Rally which will be held on February 8th in Kadikoy led by Egitim-Sen[1] and Gezi Park activists[2] also stated that they will join the school boycott on February 13th, also organized by the same groups.

Against the Imam Hatip Schools

The pervert “High School LGBTI” group will use the slogan “No to backward, sexist, homophobic education!” in protests where hatred will be spewed against Imam Hatip Schools. There are concerns that the pervert “High School LGBTI” group will spread their activities inside the schools and classrooms once classes resume.

First Target Restrooms!

The “High School LGBTI” group demands the abolishment of gender segregated restrooms in schools which cause gender discrimination as their first target. Parents who object to the pervert group state that they should not be allowed to turn schools into protest fields.

[1] Union of Education Employees
[2] This refers to the activists who joined the historic anti-AKP Gezi park protests in June 2013 in Istanbul.

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