November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance will be marked across Turkey

This year, Transgender Day of Remembrance will be marked by discussions and a party organized by Pink Life Association and in collaboration with SPoD in Istanbul. Additionally, a meeting in İzmir will be organized by the Izmir November 20 Platform and in Antalya by BİZ Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies Association.

From November 23-24th, Pink Life and SPoD will present several panels, a film screening, and then host a final party titled “You Can’t Call it Destiny!”  The party is scheduled for November 24th in Anahit Sahne, İstanbul and all proceeds will go to the clothing needs of trans inmates. The events that will take place include the Dilek İnce Pride Award Ceremony, an event where trans rights activists are awarded every year in memory of Dilek İnce–who was killed with a shotgun during the Eryaman incidents. (For more info, check out the page for this event here.)

Last year, the remembrance day activities were cancelled due to the blanket ban issued by the governorship of Ankara. This year the activists in İzmir and İstanbul, as well as all around Turkey, will continue showing support and solidarity on this important day. The İzmir November 20 Platform is comprised of Lavender LGBTİQ+, Genç LGBTİ+, the İzmir Branch of Human Rights Association, İzmir Ekonomi University Mor Kolektif, Buca City Council Equality Assembly, and Dokuz Eylül University Eşit Şerit. The platform is calling for a meeting in front of Türkan Saylan Culture Center at 18:00 on November 20 to “fight against those covering up the crimes against trans individuals who are subjected to hatred and rage on a daily basis at school, on the street, at home, and at the office and demand trans individuals have the right to live as well as their social and economic rights.” In Antalya, BİZ Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies Association is calling for all who stand against hatred to meet in front of Attalos Statue at 18.00’ on November 20 to commemorate the victims of transphobic hate crimes.

Illustration: Aslı Alpar

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