First ever Pink Life Queer Cinema Award goes to Rüzgar Buşki

Source: “First ever Pink Life Queer Cinema Award goes to Rüzgar Buşki” (“Bu yıl sekizinci kez takipçileriyle buluşan, 25-26-27 Ocak tarihlerinde İstanbul’u trans renklerine boyayacak olan Pembe Hayat KuirFest’te ilk kez kuir sinema ödülü verildi.”), Pembe Hayat, January 25, 2019,

This year as Pink Life Queer Fest turns eight years old, the first Queer Cinema Award was presented.

Pink Life Queer Fest aims to strengthen queer solidarity and culture through providing the LGBTI+ rights struggle new spaces for artistic expression. The festival organizers decided to award film makers with the aim to stand by those who labour for queer cinema, to lay claim to histories of queer cinema and to consolidate it as a common ground for rights struggle. The award will be called Zeliş Deniz Queer Cinema Award, in honour of the activist Zeliş Deniz who lost their life on 2015 and who continues to be a symbol of determination, enthusiasm and collective production. This year the award was presented to the filmmaker Rüzgar Buşki by artist Ayta Sözeri. Buşki is a talented filmmaker whose films evoke themes of togetherness, struggle and hope.


Photo Credit: Ekin Taneri

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