9. SPoD Spring Seminar

SPoD’s annual spring seminar turns 9 this year. The seminar will take place in Istanbul on May 4-5 with the theme “A Scratch on the Mainstream: Our Bodies, Our Emotions, Our Differences and Our Struggle.”*


As with previous years, we hope to come together at the 9th Spring Seminar to discuss and think about the LGBTI+ movement, queer theory, and the struggle for human rights, as well as to catch up with the global and local agenda.


Body, Queer Methodology, and Policies


Moderator: Sevcan Tiftik

– Ezgi Kayış: Body Politics and Forms of Struggle

– Süleyman Bölükbaş: Queering “Homonormativity” and Male Homosexuality

– Reyda Ergün: Queer as a Critical Methodology in Politics

Biopolitics, Identity Politics, and Space

Moderator: Mustafa Sarıyılmaz


– Özen B. Demir: Two Symptoms of the Cartesian Disease of Medicine: HIV/AIDS and Intersexuality

– Pınar Eldemir: Gender, Space, and Academia: How Aware Are We?

– Mert Koçak: Vulnerabilities Becoming Identities: How LGBTI+ Refugees Are Rendered a “Vulnerable Group” in CSOs in Turkey



Moderator: Evra Çetin

– Ali Erdoğan: Wedding White is the New Black

A Queer Critique of the European Convention of Human Rights’ Article 12 Titled “Right to Marry” in the Light of Court Rulings

– Serkan Seyhan: The Protection of Personal Health Data Within the Scope of Law No. 6689

– İsmail Dede: The Rejection of Paternalistic Ideology Over Intersex Children’s Bodies: The Third Gender Category and Its Impact on Gender Assignment Surgeries in the Light of the German Constitutional Court Ruling



Moderator: Sevcan Tiftik

  1. Session   13:00 – 15:00

– Bilge Ulusman: Construction of Heteronormativity in Late Ottoman Erotic Literatüre: The Male Subject of the “Sexual Liberation” Narrative

– Ekin Köklü: LGBT Individuals in Turkish Literature and Analysis of Perihan Mağden’s “2 Girls” with Queer Reflections

– Yaprak Damla Yıldırım: Body Politics and Body Poetics: Reflection of the AKP’s Conservative Discourses on Gurlesque Poetry

  1. Session 15:30- 17:00

– Niyazi Zorlu: A Hergele** Chat with Niyazi Zorlu: On “Hergele Âşıklar” and Literature

Reading: Hergele Âşıklar

**Translator’s note: Hergele means a rowdy horse which does not yield. In slang it means someone who is a rascal or a rake.

*The seminar sessions will be held in Turkish. As LGBTI News Turkey, we thought our readers might like to know more about the latest academic discussions and events held in Turkey. You may get in touch with the speakers of the sessions or SPoD if you have any interest in their work.

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