Kızılay AVM

Shopping Mall Executive Director: Trans Women Are Welcome, Too

Source: Ömer Akpınar, “Kızılay AVM Genel Müdürü: Trans Kadınlar da AVM’mize Rahatlıkla Girebilir,” (“Shopping Mall Executive Director: Trans Women Are Welcome, Too,”), 21 February 2014,

Executive director of “Kızılay AVM” shopping mall in Ankara, Nurhan Ekinci, denied the incident of gender identity discrimination in the mall.

“Those Who Might Create An Uproar Are Not Allowed” talked to Executive Director of Kızılay Shopping Mall, Nurhan Ekinci, after trans women declared that they were discriminated against in the mall because of their gender identity. Stating that President Gül did not issue a directive not to allow trans people in, Ekinci said that the incident is about specific persons, not a certain group.


Kızılay Shopping Mall: We Do Not Allow People of Your Kind to Enter!

Source: Ömer Akpınar, “Kızılay AVM: Sizin Türdeki İnsanları Almıyoruz!” (“Kızılay Shopping Mall: We Do Not Allow People of Your Kind to Enter!”), 20 February 2014,

Trans women were not allowed in the central shopping mall in Ankara, Kızılay Shopping Mall, due to an arbitrary decision by the administration.

“President’s Directive Does Not Allow You In”

Yesterday evening two trans women, Asena and Hazal, who went to meet their friend Yasmin at Ankara’s “Kızılay Shopping Mall” shopping mall were stopped by private security at the entrance. The security chief justified the situation by saying that “President Gül has a directive that prevents people of your kind getting in.” Asena and Hazal left the scene without making any complaint about the violation.