LGBT students

We, too, exist in Galatasaray!

Source: Ömer Akpınar, “Galatasaray’da biz de varız!,” (“We, too, exist in Galatasaray!,”) Kaos GL, 05 December 2013,

The Queer Studies Club to work against heterosexism was officially established within the scope of the Cultural and Sport Clubs at Galatasaray University (GSÜ). The board of management’s decision on November 28 was publicly announced on December 5. With this decision, the club became the first LGBTI student community to be officially acknowledged at a state university in Turkey.


Apparently Society is Not Ready for an LGBT Student Club Either!

Source: Kaos GL, “Meğer Toplum LGBT Öğrenci Topluluğuna da Hazır Değilmiş!” (“Apparently Society is Not Ready for an LGBT Student Club Either!”), 2 October 2013,

Apparently Society is Not Ready for an LGBT Student Club Either!

Ege University’s LGBT students’ application for the student club status was rejected on the grounds that “society is not ready for a student club like this.”

Members of the Ege University Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Research and Solidarity Community protested the Rectorship for not accepting their “club” application.

“We live in a country where teachers call their students “fags”!”

Members of Ege Legebit who identify themselves “students who do not accept the patriarchal system” made a statement after the protest.

“We live in a country where teachers call their homosexual students “fags.” We are students who do not accept the patriarchal system of this country. Schools have etched in our brains the idea that we are perverts. Our parents who were exposed to the same education now kill their children in the name of honor; the reason of that we are not who they wanted. Even that being the case, our society is still shocked that “in the old times, they used to bury their daughters alive.”


Kaos GL Statement of Education Policies

Source: Kaos GL, “LGBT Öğrencilere Yönelik Heteroseksüel Sosyalizasyon Politikalarından Vazgeçilsin,” (“The Heterosexual Socialization Policies aimed at LGBT Students must be Abandoned!”), 17 September 2013,

The Kaos GL Association released a statement about the new academic year explaining LGBT students’ problems and demanding the recognition of the “LGBT student reality.”

Kaos GL demands the abandonment of the heterosexual socialization policies aimed at LGBT students and declares that the first collective statement about the new academic year points to the fact that the problems in education persist. The statement indicates that the heterosexual socialization LGBT students are subjected to is the most important issue.

“Compulsory schooling becomes compulsory heterosexuality for LGBT students!”

Kaos GL argues, “compulsory schooling becomes compulsory heterosexuality” in the current education system and states, “opportunities and possibilities to develop their own personalities are not given to LGBT students. As a result of that, LGBT students cannot achieve a healthy integration into society because of the mental, social and cultural problems they experience during their formal education.”

Kaos GL points out that LGBT students are exposed to the commonly acknowledged problems heterosexual students experience in a more extreme way within a mental and physical siege. Kaos GL listed the problems and demands of LGBT students like this: