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A feminine gay and the bus driver

Source: Arda Yücel, “Feminen bir gey ve otobüs şöförü” (“A feminine gay and the bus driver”), Kaos GL, 10 September 2014,

I left the office on Monday and started waiting for a bus at Sultanbeyli city center. It’s a dark area and the last stop of the bus is quite close to my house… Anyhow, I boarded the bus.

Photograph by Jnbn, 2007,, cc by-nc 2.0

Photograph by Jnbn, 2007,, cc by-nc 2.0

I did not have an Akbil [a public transportation pass] with me, so I asked the other passengers whether they had an extra one. A sensitive young passenger gave me his [Akbil] card and I handed him the fee for it. In the meanwhile, the bus driver noticed that I was gay from my tone of voice and started giving me dirty looks. I understood that something was going to go wrong…

The bus was crowded, which is why I started standing at the front door. People naturally kept disembarking the bus. When we arrived at the last stop, only a few passengers were left and they disembarked using the middle door of the bus, I wanted to leave using the front door since I was near it.

While I was leaving, the bus driver hit my arm and asked me “are you disembarking here?” I said “Yes.” He asked “Do you live here?” I said “It’s none of your business.” He said “Don’t leave, let’s talk a little.” And naturally in that context, I left politeness aside, said “Who do you think you are, how dare you speak to me like that?” and left the bus.

As I walked, I put my headphones on and kept on walking while talking to myself. He came after me with the bus shamelessly. I really lost it and yelled “Get lost, the fact that I am gay does not mean I will sleep with whoever I come across!”

The whole neighbourhood heard it and told about it to my mother. And my mother, god bless her soul, claimed I was in the wrong. “Didn’t I tell you to put on proper clothes, talk, walk and behave properly and straight?”[1] In short, a feminine gay can neither walk on the street nor live humanely!


[1] “Doğru düzgün”, lit. “correct and straight,” is an idiom used to convey, usually with frustration, that the other person (who is perceived to be acting in a silly, rude, or childish way) should act normally. Its heteronormative connotations are latent, rather than open and direct.

BDP MP Queries Minister About Trans Prisoner’s Condition

Kaos GL, “BDP’li Aksoy Trans Mahkumun Durumunu Bakan’a Sordu,” (“BDP MP Queries Minister About Trans Prisoner’s Condition”), 17 April 2014,

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP from Ağrı District has made an inquiry on Avşa’s, a trans prisoner on hunger strike, condition to the Minister of Justice.

Halil Aksoy, a Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP from Ağrı, has submitted a query to the Minister of Justice, Bekir Bozdağ, on the situation of Avşa Erkuşan, a trans convict who has repeatedly been subjected to sexual harassment and assault in various prisons during her sentence and who, for the past two months, has been on a hunger strike.

Aksoy, after expressing that several human rights infringements remain in correctional institutions, mentioned that trans inmates in Bafra T-type Prison had started a hunger strike after many rights violations and sexual assaults.