BDP Tuncel’s Questions on Transphobia and the Minister of Interior Şahin’s Response


GRAND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF TURKEY                                            11472


NO: 1586

DATE: 10.10.2012


I request that my questions below be answered in writing according to the Constitution’s 98th and the Statute’s 99th article by the Minister of Interior İdris Naim ŞAHİN.

Sebahat TUNCEL

Istanbul Parliamentarian

Trans individuals continue to be the biggest victims of hate speech and hate crimes in Turkey. The last instance of this happened in Istanbul. On the evening hours of 7 October 2012 in Istanbul’s Avcılar district, a group of people gathered with an attempt of lynching in a compound where trans individuals live. The 50-60 people crowd which gathered in front of the house to lynch trans individuals chanted the slogan “we will die for honor, we will give our lives” and incited the public to hate. It has been stated that the police did not intervene in the crowds who attempted to enter the homes of trans individuals. It is said that a retired prosecutor or soldier has used hate speech against the trans individuals who have lived in the compound for years. They stated that these protests would last another week and that they would gather again the next Saturday. With the announcement that these events would go on every week, LGBT people stated their worry that these could escalate into hate murders.

After the earthquake in Avcılar, no one protested students and trans individuals living in the damaged buildings. However, as the district transformed into a rentier site, this attitude towards trans individuals developed. Ebru Kırancı, one of the founders of LGBT Solidarity Association, stated that attacks have increased in recent times and the steel door of a trans individual’s home was broken and 6500 YTL was stolen just a few days ago. In the Avcılar compound of 120 homes, 14-15 trans individuals live. Other residents in their buildings do not support these events. But there is information that the organizers of the events consulted with the Turkish National Police and District Governorship, got their support and then proceed to action.

1.     Has the claim that Turkish National Police and District Governorship had prior information of the events and that they had given their approval to the lynching attempts been researched? Is the claim that the Ambarlı Research Unit put pressure on trans women to make them leave their homes within a week true? If true, what is the reason for this?

2.     Has the claim that the police did not do anything to ensure the safety of trans individuals, and on the contrary, supported the group by not interfering, been researched? Are these claims true? If true, has there been a public servant who has been held responsible for these events? If not, what is the reason?

3.     Have any precautions been taken to ensure the safety of trans individuals living in this compound? If not, what is the reason?

4.     How many trans murders-hate murders have been committed in Turkey since 2002? How many trans and how many homosexual individuals have been attacked? What kind of legal proceedings have been taken and what are their results?





No: B.05.1.EGM.0.12.65012(91250)-91-60/11773

Date: 03.01.2013

Subject: Written Question Motion


Related: Article dated 30/10/2012 and numbered A.01.0.KKB.

My answer to Istanbul Parliamentarian Sebahat TUNCEL’s written question motion numbered 7/11472 presented to the Presidency of TBMM is below:

There have been no pressure or force by security forces on trans citizens to vacate their homes in the Meis compound in Istanbul’s Avcılar district.

All security precautions were taken at the events of 07/10/2012 at the aforementioned compound by security forces and it was ensured that the group gathered there would leave without causing an event. During the events, security forces did not adopt a supportive attitude towards any group or person.

Relevant units execute periodic controls in the compounds and the vicinity of where trans individuals live. Furthermore, the necessary precautions have been taken for the trans individuals who applied for protection.

In Istanbul since 2002, towards trans and homosexual individuals; 69 murders have been committed, security forces have solved 62 of them and investigations continue for the other 7.

I submit to your information.

İdris Naim ŞAHİN

Minister of Interior

Related Translations:

Not even one transsexual person that I know died of natural causes


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