Yeni Akit: EU, Benefactor of Perverts!

Source: Sinan Yavuzoğlu “AB sapkınların hamisi!” (“EU, Benefactor of Perverts!”), 25 October 2013,

Yeni Akit is a conservative daily newspaper that engages in hate speech against LGBTI people and other groups. This is a verbatim translation. 

One of the articles easily ignored from the 2013 Turkey Progress Report was the fact that the European Union was setting itself up  to be the benefactor of deviant homosexuality. The European Union proved itself to be a backer of the disgraceful lobby that introduced the concept of “hate crimes” in order to antagonize those who show any kind of opposition to those who seek to ridicule and spew hate towards such sacred values as Turkish – Islamic family structure, Turkish Independence and Individuality. Thus, it became apparent that it will not refrain from its goal which is to degenerate Turkey’s time-honored social composition.


The report, which goes on to mention the problems of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex groups for numerous pages,  claims that these perverted circles go through  difficulties with internet freedom, a lack of legal security and mandatory military service. After declaring that all demands of these sexual deviants should be granted as a precondition for EU accession, the report expressed several findings and demands. The fact that there was no disruption at the latest “pride parade” was seen as a “positive” development and it was demanded that all further meetings and/or marches should be freely organized.

It was noted that no progress was made against discrimination or equality. The report insisted that the terms “sexual orientation” and “sexual identity” should be added to the new anti-discrimination draft law and discriminatory acts towards these behaviors should be evaluated as “hate crimes”. Hate speech and hate attacks against homosexuals increased. The sentencing for the crimes against LGBTI individuals had reduced punishment by reason of “undue provocation” and “good behavior.” Numerous firings and dismissals were made by the police and military due to the discovery of personnel’s sexual identity.


The report also mentions gay students having to drop out of college and high schools because of the discrimination they face. It was also pointed out that the military continued its practice of labelling homosexuality and transsexuality as a “medical condition” and defining homosexuality as “unnatural.” The report demanded that these policies be “corrected.”


On the other hand, the EU Council, which was noticeably disturbed to see the prosecution of homosexuals who disrupt public order and social structure by engaging in prostitution, also demanded that LGBTI groups be allowed to broadcast online as they please.


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