Doğuş Media Group’s Strange Censoring of National Geographic

Both the headline and cover photo of January 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine, published under Doğuş Media Group in Turkey, were strangely censored.

Source: GZone, “Doğuş Dergi Grubundan National Geographic’e Tuhaf Sansür” ( “Doğus Media Group’s Strange Censor to National Geographic”), 2 January 2017,

The historic issue, which we had covered earlier on GZone, has  9 year-old trans kid Avery Jackson on the cover and the headline reads “Gender Revolution,” i.e.  “Cinsiyet Devrimi” in Turkish.

Avery Jackson, who is the first trans individual to appear on the cover of the 128 year-old magazine, had  reported having received homophobic insults and threats via social media after the publication of the issue.


Doğuş Media Group, who own the rights of the magazine in Turkey and have been publishing it for the last 17 years, has in a sense censored the cover photo and the headline by mistranslatıng it.

The same issue of the magazine in Turkey did not have the trans kid Avery Jackson on the cover and the headline which should have been translated as  “Cinsiyet Devrimi” [“Gender Revolution” –trans.] was translated as “Cinsiyet Mücadelesi” [“Gender Struggle” –trans] for some reason.

The cover on the Turkish edition of the magazine minimizes the perceived content to heterosexual female and male gender despite content which predominantly addresses LGBTI individuals and the expanding perception of gender.


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  1. 29.03.2017 tarihinde duzenlenen etkinliğe katılmak istiyorum. İlgi ve duyarlılık için teşekkur ederim. Evrensel, insancıl ve etik değerleri paylaşmak üzere…..

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