Trans Activist Diren Coşkun’s Statement Upon Her Release from Prison

“I had decided to start a death fast after I was deprived of my rights in the health and justice system and exposed to isolation, discrimination and maltreatment. I sincerely thank everyone who has supported me.

Every day we witness the increase of human rights violations in prisons. In such a context, it is impossible that you don’t know how especially trans inmates are subject to discrimination and undignified treatment.

I was able to retain some of my rights thanks to your support and campaigning, but even though we were two trans women sharing a cell, my trans identity was not ignored, whereas Buse’s trans identity was ignored and so were her personal needs.

When I started my death fast I knew that these were some of the issues all trans inmates were facing, I was conscious of this. I started it knowingly, I started it for Buse. I needed you to make my voice heard so that Buse’s voice was also heard. Thank you.

Today I’m out of prison. I will continue to raise my voice for Buse and all my fellow trans inmates. Today I wrote a letter to Buse with tears in my eyes. Please write. Write to all trans inmates. Let’s not leave Buse and all others like Buse alone. Solidarity helps survival, we are stronger together.”




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