Trans Men Information Site Also Victim to “Administrative Measure”

Source: Kaos GL, “Trans Erkek Bilgi Bankası da “İdari Tedbir” Kurbanı!”, (“Trans Men Information Bank Also Victim to “Administrative Measure!””), 8 October 2013,

Transsick-o, an information blog on trans men, was censored by the Presidency of Telecommunication. An “administrative measure” was put in place against the blog that covers a broad range of topics on trans men issues and news that include health care, military, law, and coming out.

No longer accessible on the address, the content was exported to and to Transsick-o admins announced that they will begin legal procedures regarding the administrative measure, which might have been initiated because of a complaint.

Impediments to Freedom of Expression for LGBTs Continue

Transsick-o said, “We see the closure of this information sharing website without any notice as an intervention to the freedom of expression.”

The male dating site “Grindr” was banned a month ago in Turkey by “administrative measure.”

What is an Administrative Measure?

An administrative measure is a block on broadcast based on Law Number 5651 Regarding Crimes on the Internet. If there is suspicion that the crimes below are committed on the Internet, the Presidency of Telecommunication can block the website without a court order and without notifying the site owner:

1) Encouraging suicide

2) Sexual abuse of children

3) Facilitating the use of drugs or stimulants

4) Procuring substances dangerous to health

5) Obscenity

6) Prostitution

7) Providing a venue and possibility for gambling

8) Turkish Law 5816 Against Insult to Atatürk


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